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Bognor Regis Model Railway Club - Videos of Club and Member's Layouts

Throughout the year, the club attends many exhibitions displaying a whole range of layouts to the general public - these range from British to American, G gauge to N, steam to modern day - the list and variety goes on. When out at the shows, we often take pictures and videos to update both this website and various social media pages with, as well as keeping them for us to look at later on.

However, many club members also have a layout at home that simply is not practical to transport - whether this be through the size of the layout, the weight of the layout or just the impracticality of where it is kept. These layouts do not generally get by the public, but we have been given permission by the owner to take video footage of their layouts and post it on this page - this allows for hundreds of people to see layout, and to demonstrate the kind of modelling we get up to when not out on the circuit with a multitude of different layouts.

On this page is a collection of videos showing layouts that are all either club owned layouts, member-owned layouts that exhibit on behalf of the club or member-owned home-based layouts, that stay in the comforts of the home. If you have an exhibition you would like to invite one of the club layouts or member-based exhibiting layouts to, please contact our external exhibition secretary.

We also have a compilation of videos from our annual model railway exhibition that have been filmed across the years - take a look here!

More videos below

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The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown - by Cliff South - Video 4

Cliff South's extensive HO US layout in his loft. Not only is this layout very scenic with a wide range of rolling stock but it is also run very much according to prototypical running rules. But watch the trains running through the seasons!

By TheClass377

The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown - by Cliff South - Video 3

It's been a while since Cliff's layout has been uploaded to YouTube and this time Cliff has kindly offered to narrate in this video. In this video we shall see steam and diesel locos such as the EMD E8.

By TheClass377

The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown - by Cliff South - Video 2

In this video we see all new views and perspectives, including the new winter and autumn scenes.

By TheClass377

The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown - by Cliff South - Video 1

A brand new series by TheClass377 where we see the progress of Cliff's Ashley Danville And Deanstown Layout.

By TheClass377

Trenance Downs

A short clip showing a Class 37 in action on this joint Club/Member's Layout

By Trenance Downs

Trenance Downs Part 2

Another short clip of the activity on the Trenance Downs line

By Trenance Downs