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Bognor Regis MRC Members' Home Layouts

Despite them never being able to leave the home and go to exhibitions, these layouts demonstrate the vast amount of skills, experiences and different modelling interests that we have within the club. On top of this, they are examples of what we get up to at home when not at the club or out at exhibitions.


Bogchester - Clive Waymark

Scale: OO gauge (4mm:1ft) // Size: TBA

Era: Anything goes // Power: DCC

Description Coming Soon!

Pictures Coming Soon!

Bramble Lane Motive Power Depot (MPD) - Philip Pilcher

Scale: OO gauge (4mm:1ft) // Size: TBA

Era: Everything from Steam to Diesel to Electric // Power: DCC and DC

Featuring a very impressive rolling stock collection that can be run on it, this layout is a personal OO gauge extravaganza for Philip. Built around the walls of a spare room in his house, the layout has been built about 5 feet above ground level - this allows the reduction of 'duck-under' problems with the layout baseboards, but also allows a large storage area for all the stock that Philip has collected over the years. The stand-out features of this layout are the various bridges, all dominated by the Victorian suspension bridge, along with the Motive Power Depot (MPD) itself. Whilst it is a fully functioning layout, it also multi-purposes as a functional showcase for Philip's very large stock collection. Although a work-in-progress, this layout definitely looks the part!

Philip 1  Philip 2  Philip 3  Philip 4

Calne - Adrian Taylor

Scale: OO gauge (4mm:1ft) // Size: 16ft x 2ft 4inches

Era: 1940s - Closure in 1965 // Power: DCC

Based completely off of photographs and drawings, "Calne" has been built based on the former Great Western Railway branch line between Chippenham and Calne, of which is now a 6 mile cycle route. All the buildings seen on the layout have been scratch built and are stunning replicas of those featured at Calne back when it was a railway termini. Coming onto the layout through the bridge on the approach to the station, and then into the station itself where you will find the Goods Shed, Signal Box, along with all the other station buildings that you would have found there. The only thing you will not find on the layout as opposed to real life is the famous C&T Sausage Factory, this only being because of a lack of space.

Traffic that appears on the branch is prototypical to the period and includes a varitety of Pannier, Prairie and 14XX tanks, along with a whole range of mixed freight wagons appearing on their way to and from the busy Harris factory, but also Military of Defence wagons going to and fromn the nearby RAF Yatesbury and RAF Compton Bassett. When the line closed in 1965, the lines traffic was limited to first generation Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) and a Class 03 shunter.

Calne Track Diagram


Calne 1  Calne 2  Calne 3

Calne 4  Calne 5

Madely Road - Clive Waymark

Scale: N gauge (2mm:1ft) // Size: TBA

Era: Present Day // Power: DC

Description Coming Soon!

Pictures Coming Soon!

The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown - Cliff South

Scale: HO gauge (3.5mm:1ft) // Size: 16ft x 14ft

Era: 1950s American // Power: DC

The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown was a small 8 foot x 18 inches HO gauge American themed exhibition layout, set in the early 1900s. However, once relegated to the loft, the layout expanded into a huge 16 foot x 14 foot masterpiece. Additionally, to allow the use of both steam and diesel locomotives, the time period has been moved further into the 20th centuary, within the 1950s. As well as this, The Ashley, Danville & Deanstown flag has been dropped, replaced with the flag of Southern Pacific operation. Despite being just a single track mainline, there are several town site and industry hotspots where trains can pass or the cars switched, providing constant work for the train crews. Ranging from passenger streamliners and regular freight runs, to logging/timber and coal mining operation trains, the variety of this layout is endless.

The Ashley, Danville and Deanstown

The Virginia and Truckee Railroad

Scale: HO gauge (3.5mm:1ft) // Size: 12ft x 9th

Era: 1860s // Power: DC

Based in a 12 foot x 9foot garden shed, this HO gauge American themed layout is a representation of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, running from Virginia City, Nevada to Gold Hill. Compressed to allow it to fit in the space, the era is right back in the 19th century during the 1860s, when the gold and silver boom on the Comstock Iode was huge. Some of the buildings seen within Virginia City are close copies to the originals - some of which are still in place today (such as The Territorial Enterprise (newspaper publishers) and St Mary's Church). The International Hotel - the tallest building west of Mississippi - burnt down in the early 1900s.

The Virginia and Truckee Railroad