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A Bombed Carriage

Introduction by the Webmaster

As noted on other pages we have a thriving junior section. Naturally we try to ensure they have plenty of time to "play trains" but we also endeavour to ensure that they learn new modelling skills and learn to put them into practice. Past examples include the "Troutbeck Bridge" layout but there is far more. For example, recently each of them has been invited to build a diorama on which to exercise their imagination and existing modelling skills as well as learning or even inventing new techniques. The article below is a brief but interesting account of this from one of our juniors, Tom.

How I bombed my old carriage on my diorama - by Tom

1.    I found an old carriage which I was going to bomb.

2.    I found a relatively small hammer and started with small taps and then I started to make them harder until I had a hole which I was happy with.

3.    I found some black paint and some different shades of grey. I first started with the grey and not much paint on the brush and just did some little strokes and then I got the black and did the same.

4.    With some black paint, I got the diorama and did some strokes where the carriage sits.

5.    Lastly I spread some debris and got some chalk and with a knife I shaved some chalk off to look like ash.

Bombed Carriage